Prachi Singh

The queen bee of this hive. With over a decade of experience in tech, she's the powerhouse that keeps the ideas and the innovations flowing. Whether she's strategizing, coding, or leading, Prachi is the driving force that propels her team and projects to new heights. How she does her thing makes us wonder what technology Prachi is yet to reveal to the world or if it is just her regular self being sheer brilliance.

Kriti Belwal

The Marketing G.O.A.T, the unstoppable force behind every campaign. "This campaign has to be kick*ss." that's how Kriti takes off the meetings. She doesn't want just any solutions; she craves innovation, individuality, and the spirit of "just do your thing." In her world, there are no limits, only possibilities waiting to be seized.


The famously known GMan. It's not "genius" that the G stands for; it's "Google" because he somehow knows everything; he always has the best possible solution. Research says he is calmer than calm before the storm. But he isn't your run-of-the-mill consultant next door; he's a unique techie who wins the battles, on the boards per se.


V is all for Victory here. She is your go-to Marcom girl. She can be a multitasker; you'll find her racing between creating strategies and content. She would give some reference that nobody else would understand because she got it from a book that never got published. Other than marketing, she is usually obsessing over Taylor Swift.


The ATripT Content Writer, the extra T is for trends in travel and content both. She'll probably be psychoanalysing you or planning her next trip while you talk to her. After doing all the content sorcery, mountains are where she gets her mojo from. She cannot be “TripT” enough from the campaigns until there’s pinch of trends in it.


The Coolest Tech-Wiz in the radar. With an overdose of drama and an unwavering belief in his own coolness, whether in debugging codes or getting those, oh my goodddd!! Ideas. Our coolest tech wizard is constantly hunting out newer things; that's probably something his alter ego, Satoru Gojo, made him do!


The OG product owner is as mysterious as his name, raaaz… because one day you'll find him crunching codes, and he is off to trace the stretches of mountain the very next day. His grand vision is occasionally haunted by the thought of "kaam badh jayega", but then his aspirations soar so high he often comes out to be the Iron Man.


The alleged mystery man, our very own front-end developer who is only code-friendly and not one for a buzzing party. Socializing? That's a concept he's still decoding. He only finds solace in the inky abyss of his laptop screen, where lines of code flow like poetry from Shakespeare's quill. Otherwise, he has decided to speak sporadically with sarcasm so sharp it could cut through titanium.


He is our design virtuoso; Don't you dare call him Aishwarya – it's Aishwary. He often disappears into the rabbit hole of novels, only to emerge like a phoenix. He has that immaculate flair for precision and often leaves us wondering, "What did he just say?" He firmly believes in the existence of a cosmic connection with Tony Stark, and we can vouch for that, considering his innovative intellect.

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